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Of course, you can use higher order leveling for any data, however, this can supress real features on the surface (namely waviness of the surface) and therefore alter the statistical functions and quantities evaluated from the surface.

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Profile Leveling Profile leveling is generally adopted to find elevation of points along a line such as for road, rails or rivers etc. In this case, readings of intermediate stations are taken and reduced level of each station is found.

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Example of Profile leveling BS IFS FS Figure 5.10 (textbook) Lab Procedure L o n g P o n d Site. Lab Procedure Layout a 100 m long straight line (starting at your starting point) and mark out stations by 20 m intervals along it. ... Lab4_Lecture4_Prof_leveling.ppt Author: Sitotaw Yirdaw

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Profile Leveling. To collect data about topography along a reference line. Mainly to compute volumes of cut and fill for a proposed linear structure, such as: highways, railroads, transmission lines, canals.

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2. Longitudinal Profile Purpose This section describes how to survey the longitudinal ... q Automatic level (surveyor's level), laser level, or ... bed longitudinal profile are taken at the deepest point in the channel, i.e., the thalweg (see Figure 2).

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The level may be moved to a temporary point called a turning point (TP) The elevation of a point is the height of the instrument (HI) minus the foresight (FS) Differential Leveling TopHat Problems ... Microsoft PowerPoint - Surveying - 4 - leveling.pptx Author: cvcamp Created Date:

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Cross-Section Leveling In profile leveling, you determine the eleva-tions of a series of points lengthwise along a highway. In cross-section leveling, you determine the elevations of points on a succession of lines running at right angles to the lengthwise line of the highway.

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Section 2: Differential Leveling Anchor: #i1003962 Overview. Differential leveling is the process of measuring vertical distances from a known elevation point to determine elevations of unknown points. The most common methods to determine elevation are through the use of 1) a compensator type, automatic (engineering level) and level rod(s), and ...

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PROFILE LEVELING AND STATIONING PROGRAM Prepared by: Rafael Sunga Geoffrey Paguio Joshua Apas Mary Pauline De Guzman Maria Ramille Torres Niño Jabone COMP 317 COML317 ENGR. KRISTINE ORTEGA THANKS FOR LISTENING!! :) Recommendation Introduction Objectives of the Program For. Get started. Pricing Log in. Discover.

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4. Profile levels the reference line and a 10 m wide cross section perpendicular to the line at each of the 20 m stations. 5. Setup the instrument 40 to 50 m from your initial BM and take a BS on the BM to determine your HI. If you are within 40 to 50 m of the location of your first cross-


definition of differential leveling The establishment of differences in elevation between two or more points with respect to a datum. Normally we will assign an elevation of 100.00 to the datum rather using the mean sea level elevation.

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Cross-Section Leveling. In profile leveling, you determine the elevations of a series of points lengthwise along a highway. In cross-section leveling, you determine the elevations of points on a succession of lines running at right angles to the lengthwise line of the highway.

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PROFILE LEVELING DEFINITION OF PROFILE LEVELING The process of determining the elevations of a series of points at measured intervals along a line such as the centerline of a proposed ditch or road or the centerline of a natural feature such as a stream bed.

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Feb 23, 2012· Leveling is the art of determining relative height or elevations of different points on the earth surface. The elevation of a point has been defined as its vertical distance above and below a given reference level surface and usually a mean sea level.