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GE Frame 9E gas turbine; 1000 mw combined cycle dual fuel generator-set. 2 off Gas Turbine-Generator Set, dual fuelled, producing: 123 MWe @ 11.5 kV, ... Alternatively, we can offer other power plants. GE Frame 9E Gas Turbine. Shutdown: 2014 Life-time Maintenance by OEM Recent Plant …

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Combined Cycle, Cogeneration and Combined Heat and Power Solutions GAS TURBINES - HRSGs - STEAM TURBINES - BOILERS - CHILLERS - AND MORE. Your trusted partner for energy feasibility studies, equipment sourcing, plant engineering / design, decommissioning and asset recovery.

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500 MW Combined Power Plant NET ELECTRICAL EFFICIENCY (%) 53.80 STEAM TURBINE POWER (MW) 176 GAS TURBINE POWER (MW) 2 x 166.1 Frequency 50 Hz. ... 500 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant. Tromak Energy. We purchase,sell,repair and carry out maintenance power plants and high voltage electric transformer.

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50MW Natural Gas Co-Generation Power Plant for Sale. 50Hz. 56MW GE Frame 6001 Combined Cycle Power Plant for Sale. 60Hz., Natural Gas Fuel. For Sale A complete operating plant for sale as an operating or for moving to a new site. LM2500 Gas Turbine and Power Turbines for sale. These are marine propulsion units only with no generators.

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Used power plant - Used gas turbine for sale - GE - WARTSILA - ALSTOM - SIEMENS - MAN - new generation - frame 6F - 6B - from 40 MW to 500 MW power plants. ... Combined-cycle gas turbine power plants are the most efficient types of power plants.

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Used Equipment Dealer Perry Videx offers used gas turbines, steam turbines, diesel generators, and other power generation equipment. Steam turbine generators can be condensing or non condensing.We also have available for sale used combined cycle cogeneration plants.

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60MW Combined Cycle Power Plant Natural Gas. UEN 3150 Excellent condition 1 x GE LM6000 PC SPRINT Gas Turbine-Generator (48Mw) 1 x 12MW Condensing Steam Turbine-Generator 1 x 43, 5 ton/hour HP (55 bar ) Waste Heat Recovery Boiler BOP included.

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Combined Cycle Cogeneration Power Plant - 1232 MW Sign up to receive a notification if we have a similar plant for sale in the future? STOCK# 1007 ... Power Plant - Sale for Relocation - From University to Ethanol Plant . Similar Plants Cogeneration Power Plant with GE LM2500 - 31 MW. Cogeneration Power Plant with GE LM5000 - 72 MW ...

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Cogeneration or combined cycle power plants operate by combining the generation of electricity and useful heat into one system. It is sometimes referred to as a CHP (combined heat and power) energy system or CHP generator.

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A combined-cycle power plant uses both a gas and a steam turbine together to produce up to 50 percent more electricity from the same fuel than a traditional simple-cycle plant. The waste heat from the gas turbine is routed to the nearby steam turbine, which generates extra power.

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Used Combined Power Plant For Sale jeevanjyotihospital. Complete Power Plant Power Plants for Sale Power . 50 MW Combinedcycle Power Plant for Sale Complete power plant equipment for sale. The main engines are being used >>Online; Used 132 Mw Ge Frame 6b Gas Turbine Power Plant For Sale .

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220MW Gas Turbine Generator Combined Cycle Power Plant for Sale. 50Hz. Natural Gas/Naphtha Fuel. The plant equipment: 140MW Siemens V94.2 GTG, 200MVA Ansaldo generator, 80MW Ansaldo STG with ABB Controls, Heat Recovery Steam Generator, Electrical Generators and Foxboro DCS Control System for HRSG & BOP. The plant is for sale to be moved.

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Resale List - March 2016 - Power and Industrial Plants for sale Combined Cycle Power Plants Nr. Ref. Qty. Output (MW) Description Manufacturer Type Built Condition 1 GT440 1 1200 3 units each 400 MW. 3 x Siemens V 94.3, plus Steam Turbines and Boilers. 2007, Salt Water Cooling. 2 GT441 1 1200 3 units each 400 MW. 3 x Siemens V 94.3, plus Steam

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The power plant consisting of two (2) GE Frame 6B combustion turbines 40 MW each, two (2) Heat Recovery Steam Boilers and one 50 MW steam turbine generator(1) was commissioned in September 2002. The units are reliable for the heat and power generation. Each gas turbine has been used to date for approx. 75,000 operating hours. The power plant

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The cogeneration power plant has two (2) GE LM5000 gas turbines, two (2) Deltak heat recovery steam generators, one (1) steam turbine in combined cycle with steam used in a heat exchanger on the plant property to heat water.

Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plant New, with 2 year manufacturer warranty. TURNKEY OPTION AVAILABLE 80% core - remaining 20% is your procurement, planning, engineering, construction, control room.